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Chemicals, Lab Basics & Laboratory Equipment from a One-Stop-Shop


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Discover fantastic deals from our
successful brand Greiner Bio-One


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Special Offer Bioplast
Turn your laboratory a little greener by using shovels and spoons made of renewable resources.


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Tyvek® Makes the Difference

  • Superior protection
  • Comfortable durability
  • Market-leading performance

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Introductory Chemicals Promotion

Unique price/performance ratio for the best European quality products


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Telstar –
Brand new in our range

High-quality ULT freezers and biosafety workbenches for highest quality requirements

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Dräger short-term tubes

  • Cost-effective and reliable measurement of instantaneous concentrations
  • Precise procedure for the laboratory behind glass


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Customized Solutions

Service aligned to you.
HUBERLAB. offers customized individual solutions for catalogues, products, eShops, warehouses, deliveries and services

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The HUBERLAB. eCommerce platform offers options for all of your requirements. eCommerce solutions by HUBERLAB. are efficient, informative, user-friendly, clear and economical.

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The largest stock of laboratory consumables in Switzerland and à la carte logistics are aligned to individual customer requirements.

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Chemicals Return System

What to do with residual chemicals and empty containers? HUBERLAB. offers an extensive return system for your hazardous wastes.

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Laboratory consumables & instruments

Consumables, instruments, devices - more than 500 top brand, premium & low budget laboratory products 

Life Science

Extensive product and brand selection - cell culture, imaging, HTS, ELISA, PCR, sequencing, electrophoreses, biobanking 

Chemicals & Reagents

From A as in Acetone to Z as in zinc sulphate - an extensive range of brand products with the highest degree of purity, laboratory, bio- & cleaning chemicals 

Research & Development

Innovative laboratory products guarantee your advantage in research & development - consumables, devices & service from a single source 

Medicine & Health

Every clinical requirement - from sampling to laboratory diagnostics and patient care - an extensive selection for reliable, fast and economical results 

Safety & Hygiene

Health protection, personal safety equipment (PSA) for the safety of your employees & patients - a range for every requirement 

Quality Assurance

High-quality products from top manufacturers guarantee the integrity of your quality control and production processes - precise, efficient & cost-effective 


Compliant and innovative solutions with savings potential in the food sector and in beverage manufacture. 

Environmental technology

A versatile selection of products & services for water analysis, air and environment analysis, sample extraction, processing, evaluation & storage