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Microplate Centrifuge Greiner Bio-One

Two plates can be inserted confidently without sealing tape or caps. Upon closing the lid of the centrifuge, the rotor accelerates and centrifugal force ‘swings’ the plates into a horizontal position. With a g-force power of 600 x g, most samples can be spun down in 20 seconds or less. Simply open the lid and the automatic electric brake brings the rotor to a smooth stop in about 7 seconds. Plates can then easily be removed.


  • Quickly spins down droplets in microplates
  • Unique rotor design holds 2 plates and prevents spillage
  • 50 % smaller than traditional centrifuges
  • Compatible with most Greiner Bio-One microplates
  • Speed 2550 rpm/600 x g, capacity 2 x PCR or microtiter plates
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Microplate centrifuge, speed 2100 rpm/400 x g, capacity 2 x PCR or microtiter plates
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