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Food technology & cuisine

Compliant and innovative solutions with savings potential in the food sector and in beverage manufacture.


Pipette Controller Sapphire MaxiPette Greiner Bio-One

Lightweight and designed to fit comfortably in either hand. Ergonomic shape with computer balanced weight distribution and low pressure fingertip controls. Lithium battery keeps unit running for up to 8 hours or 2500 pipettings on a single two hour charge. Accepts pipette sizes from 1 ml to 100 ...

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Pipette controllers accu-jet® pro

All with one hand: select the delivery mode (gravity-delivery / blow-out) and adjust the motor speed range with your thumb; use variable button pressure for finest control of filling and delivery speed. The ergonomic handgrip, perfectly balanced design, weight only 190 g - for fatigue-free pipetting...

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Pipette Sapphire Greiner Bio-One

The Sapphire pipette combines state of the art engineering and design in the ultimate instrument for modern liquid handling. The ergonomic design coupled with minimal pipetting forces and the us of modern ightweight materials deliver a pipette which is robust, lightweigt and easy to use. Volume sett...

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Jars with screw cap and inner-cap

Made of HDPE neutral, thanks to the wide mouth they are suitable to storage: creams, semi-solid substances, crystals, granulates and powdersSuitable for food

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Jars wide mouth with screw caps Nalgene®

Made of PC, clear with white PP screw cap, PMP, clear with white PP screw cap or PPCO translucent with white PP screw cap Straight-sided containers with wide opening, autoclavablePC: Good chemical resistance, extremely shock-proof, non toxic. Suitable for applications in cold rooms and refriger...

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Screw glasses / Pulvis glasses with screw cap

Made of clear or amber glass, wide mouth, with screw cap carbamide black

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