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Compliant and innovative solutions with savings potential in the food sector and in beverage manufacture.


SteriPlast sample scoop

Thscoop with transparent cover can be closed immediately after sampling and the sterility and exclusion of contamination can therefore be safeguardedThe sample scoop is ideal for powders, granulates and pastes

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Sampling tube SteriPlast

Sterile sampling tube with removable handle and tightly closing sealing cover. The lid can be opened with one hand and is then at a 90° angle. Liquid/condensate in the lid goes into an absorbing channel integrated into the lid, nothing is lost, nothing can drip. The sterile sampling tube with a ...

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  • Autoclavable
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Syringe SteriPlast

The syringe is used to take sterile samples and store them. The sample amount can be read off from the printed contents graduation. The syringe is supplied in a sterile package and is ready for immediate use. The syringe can be extended to any length with additional tubing. A Luer adapter is supplie...

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