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Compliant and innovative solutions with savings potential in the food sector and in beverage manufacture.


Cold resistant aprons

Cryo-Aprons® are multi-layer insulated aprons designed to provide protection to the torso and legs from contact with ultra cold surfaces in cryogenic atmospheres and from splashes. Ideal for working in deep-freeze environments, with cryogenic liquids, dry ice, liquid nitrogen (vapour phase) or w...

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Cryo gloves

These hand-specific gloves protect hands and arms against the hazards of working in and with ultra-cold temperatures down to −150 °C. Lightweight, breathable, and comfortable, they provide protection from liquid splashes and cryogenic temperatures but are not safe for immersion in cryogeni...

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Kältehandschuh ICE-GRIP®

Der neue KCL Kälteschutzhandschuh Icegrip® zeichnet sich durch seinen hohen Kälteschutz in Verbindung mit Feinfühligkeit und Passform aus. Durch die besondere Beschichtung in der Innenhand hat der Anwender jederzeit einen guten Griff, vor allem bei nassen Teilen. Mit seinem Strick...

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