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PARAFILM® M sealing film

stretches up to 200% and clings even around irregular shapes and surfaces. The sealing film is free of plasticizers and consists primarily of polyolefins and paraffin waxes

  • It conforms to the provisions of the US FDA Food and Drug Administration when used below 55 °C and observance of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice)
  • Temperature range (continous use): -45 °C to +50 °C
  • Is resistant up to 48 hours against many polar substances, e.g. saline solutions, inorganic acids and alkaline solutions. After this period embrittlement may occur
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item number description price
15.1551.01 PARAFILM® M Cutter from CHF 246.50
15.1551.03 PARAFILM DISPENSER from CHF 8.80
15.1551.02 Acrylic dispenser for Parafilm sealing film from CHF 156.20
item number width length   price stock amount
50 mm 75 m

CHF 45.00


100 mm 38 m

CHF 47.00


100 mm 75 m

CHF 75.00


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