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Stand for Imhoff sedimentation funnel LaboPlast

The stand for sedimentation funnels is used to keep, hold or store Imhoff funnels safely and reliably during sedimentation. Two funnel holders ensure that Imhoff funnels will be held safely and securely and can be placed in an absolutely vertical position. Stand with two holders for sedimentation funnels, suitable for funnels 90 mm or more in diameter.

Thanks to an innovative magnet concept no clamping screws are necessary. The height of the funnel holder can be adjusted easily and flexibly with one hand. With the corresponding accessory the holders for Imhoff funnels can also be replaced by holders for all-purpose funnels.


  • Stand for Imhoff funnel
  • PP, chrome-plated steel
  • Adjustable height up to 450 mm
  • For funnels with Ø 90 mm or more
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