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Cell Scrapers Greiner Bio-One

Optimised scraper design
The optimised design of the scraper blade features a pivot angle of 60° that facilitates uniform contact with the growth surface, minimal mechanical strain and efficient cell harvest, even from poorly accessible surfaces. The scraper design also minimises any accumulation of cell suspension to the blade structure. The handle length has been adapted for use with all commercially available cell culture flasks. Cell scrapers from Greiner Bio-One are available in two handle sizes: 28 cm for cell culture flask harvest and 40 cm for removal of cells in larger cell culture devices such as roller bottles. Both cell scrapers are provided sterile and individually packed.

  • For gentle mechanical removal of adherent cells
  • Optimised blade design for maximum cell harvest
  • Blade length: 1.8 cm
  • Minimal mechanical strain
  • 28 cm and 40 cm handhold length
  • Pivot angle 60°
  • Sterile individual packaging
  • sterile
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7.541 999 Samplepack Cell Scraper assorted Greiner Bio-One for free
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7.541 070
28 cm seperatly packaged

CHF 213.00


box à 100 piece

7.541 080
40 cm seperatly packaged

CHF 213.00


box à 100 piece

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