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Life Science

Cryotubes Cryo.sTM Greiner Bio-One

Cryo.s™ are manufactured from high quality polypropylene. This means they are ideally suited for use over a broad range of temperatures (-196 °C to + 121 °C). Cryo.s™ are suitable for storage of cell cultures, tissue samples, microbiological samples (e.g. viruses, bacteria, ...

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Support Rack for Cryo.s™ Greiner Bio-One

Suitable for Cryo.sTM with starfoot base (Cat.-No. 7.122XXX, 7.123XXX, 7.126XXX, 7.127XXX)Improved handling since the tubes can be opened with one handRubber base to prevent slippingOffers space for up to 40 Cryo.sTM

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Incubator serie BD BINDER

The BINDER incubator of the BD series with gravity convection is the specialist in long-term and stable continuous operation. This incubator is specially designed for gentle incubation of organisms, as well as conditioning of heat-sensitive media or microbiological heating. Electronically controlled...

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CO2 Incubator BINDER serie CB

BINDER CO2 incubator CB 160, with gas-tight, divided inner glass door and devided shelfsCO2 incubator with sterilizable sensorThe new CB series offers optimal growth conditions for cell cultures. The ANTI.PLENUM concept, the 180 °C sterilization routine with the world's first sterilizable CO2 se...

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Incubators Memmert

The incubator is at home everywhere in the world of research, medicine, pharmaceutics and food analytics, as well as food chemistry.In the laboratory, the Memmert incubator I is ideal for all applications with temperatures up to +80°C – specifically for incubating living cultures at +...

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