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Bacillol 30 Tissues

Material-friendly rapid disinfection wipes for sensitive surfaces in a convenient flowpack Bacillol® Tissues

  • Ready-to-use disinfection wipes presoaked with Bacillol® 30 Foam
  • High-quality tear-proof and absorbent PET fleece
  • Especially material-friendly; also suitable for sensitive materials such as Makrolon®, Plexiglas® and polysulphone
  • Good wetting and rapid drying
  • Practical folding system ensures safe and easy dispensing of individual tissues from resealable flowpack
  • Aldehyde, colourant and fragrance free
  • Wipe size: 180 mm x 200 mm

Areas of application
Bacillol® 30 Tissues are suitable for the convenient, material-friendly rapid disinfection of:

Surfaces according to Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR) such as:

  • Displays and keyboards or touch pads of sensitive communication equipment, e.g. mobile phones, computers
  • Sensitive surfaces – e.g. made from Makrolon®, acrylic glass, polysulphone, and artificial leather – in healthcare facilities
  • Sensitive surfaces in canteen kitchens, food-processing areas and in other areas coming into contact with sensitive products

Medical equipment and devices that come under the Medical Device Directive (MDD) such as:

  • Displays and keyboards or touch pads of portable and stationary medical equipment, e.g. monitoring systems
  • Sensitive, non-invasive medical devices, e.g. mammography equipment, operating theatre lamps
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