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Bottle top vacuum filtration systems CN Nalgene®

Cellulose nitrate membrane CN (green)Sterile disposable filters for cold sterilisation, clarification, prefiltration and ultrafiltration of buffers, culture media and aqueous solutions. Membrane with excellent wetting properties and fastest flow rates with aqueous solutions.Gamma radiation-sterilize...

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Bottle top vacuum filtration units Sartolab RF/BT Sartorius

Sartolab RF/BT are a new product line of disposable vacuum filtration units. The new Sartolab Receiver Flask (RF) and Bottle Top (BT) units contain a high quality Sartorius PES membrane and combine highest flow-rates and throughput with extremely low protein binding and extractables. They are theref...

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Vacuum Filtration "rapid"-Filtermax TPP

The family of the TPP vacuum filtration „rapid“-Filtermax stands out not just because of its quadratic form, but also its excellent product features.Features of the "rapid" Filtermax:Large quadratic filter surface of 49 cm2 and 69 cm2 respectively is 20 % larger than with similar volume ...

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