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Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance

High-quality products from top manufacturers guarantee the integrity of your quality control and production processes - precise, efficient & cost-effective


Pipette controllers accu-jet® pro

All with one hand: select the delivery mode (gravity-delivery / blow-out) and adjust the motor speed range with your thumb; use variable button pressure for finest control of filling and delivery speed. The ergonomic handgrip, perfectly balanced design, weight only 190 g - for fatigue-free pipetting...

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Volumetric flasks, class A, BLAUBRAND® and BLAUBRAND® ETERNA

 Made of borosilicate glass 3.3, DIN EN ISO 1042, with a batch certificate BLAUBRAND ETERNA conformity certified, brown graduation BLAUBRAND conformity certified, blue graduationWith PP stopper No. 1.2512.XX-02With glass stopper No. 1.2514.XX-02 BLAUBRAND USP conformity cert...

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