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FoodALYT Compact Heating Systems RS

The Compact Heating Systems, as well as the Serial Heating Block Systems FoodALYT RS and RT are used for standard fat extraction acc. to Soxhlet or Twisselmann. Depending on model and configuration, the unit consists of either 1, 4 or 6 individually adjustable heating positions for 250 ml flat b...

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Steam Distillation Units FoodALYT

The Steam Distillation Units FoodALYT D are small 'all-rounders' in sample preparation. With these devices, proteins, nitrate, nitrite, ammonia, volatile acids, ethanol, formaldehyde, etc. can be measured in different samples. A typical field of application is the treatment of subsequent Kjeldah...

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Manual Titration Station FoodALYT TS 10

The Manual Titration Station FoodALYT TS 10 ideally supplements the product range of FoodALYT SBS, FoodALYT IR and FoodALYT D within the nitrogen determination acc. to Kjeldahl.With FoodALYT we provide experienced and praticable systems - made in Germany - with a balanced cost-benefit ratio. All...

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