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Research & Development

Plates and modules FluoroNunc™ and LumiNunc™

For fluorescence and luminescence based immunoassays and binding assays. Available with a choice of certified MaxiSorp™ surface, with high affinity to molecules with mixed hydrophilic/hydrophobic domains, or, PolySorp™ surface, less polar than MaxiSorp™ and with affinity to molecul...

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Syringe Filters Minisart® NML Sartorius

Minisart NML syringe filters for sterile and reliable filtration of small to medium volumes. The syringe filters are complete ready-to-connect filter units with cellulose acetate (CA) membrane. Minisart NML syringe filter with 0.2 µm pore size for sterile and reliable filtration of small to me...

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Chromatographic columns with 4 indentations DURAN

Made of borosilicate glass, with indentations above the stopcock for placing a cotton plug, with beaded rim or NS socket, with PTFE stopcock and retaining device

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Chromatographic columns with fused-in frit

Chromatographic columns with sintered frit (porosity: 0), with PTFE stopcock, made of DURAN® tubing

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