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Polycarbonate vials Azlon®

Highly transparent polycarbonate vials with coloured polypropylene capSuitable for repeated sterilisation by autoclaving at 121°CIdeal for sampling, production and packaging of steam sterilised biological solutionsLeakproof and shatterproofWithstands temperatures to -80°C

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Pivot nozzle bottle Azlon®

LDPE, translucentNozzle retracts into the cap to seal the bottle. Suitable for use as a dropping or wash bottle and excellent for dispensing gels.Good chemical resistanceHeat resistant up to +80 °CEasy handling

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Azlon® Bottle with spouted cap, LDPE

Excellent for dropping and dispensing liquidsIdeal for use as a dropping bottle and for dispensing liquids, the Azlon® dispensing bottle with spouted cap features a sealing cap which can be cut to adjust the flow rate.    Round LDPE bottles fitted with spouted dropper closure...

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