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Graduated pipettes, Type 3, total delivery
SILBERBRAND ETERNA, class B, zero point at the top

AR-GLAS®, brown graduation, DIN EN ISO 835, calibrated to deliver (TD, Ex).  * in addition to the ISO range

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Pipette tips Qualitips Socorex

A perfect match between micropipettes and tips guarantees trouble-free pipetting and reliable results. The Socorex Qualitips® are designed to fulfil above preconditions. The line is exclusively made from high grade, virgin, metal-free polypropylene. Precision injection moulding care for air-tigh...

  • Autoclavable
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Pipettenspitzen mit Bördelrand im Beutel Trefflab

Autoklavierbar (121°C / 20 min.)Die Produktion in Reinräumen und das automatische Verpacken garantieren höchste QualitätHergestellt aus hochwertigem Polypropylene, ohne Einsatz von WeichmachernEingesetzte Farbpigmente sind cadmiumfreiIn verschiedenen Verpackungsformaten ...

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Pipette tips 100 / 200 / 300 µl Greiner Bio-One

100 μl Pipette Tip ideally suited for Eppendorf®This pipette tip is recommended for Eppendorf® pipettors.It has a bevelled edge, which increases pipetting accuracy.The pipette tip can be easily distinguished from the pipette tiprecommended for Gilson® pipettors due to its shorter tip ...

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Universal Pipette Tips 200 / 250 μl Greiner Bio-One

In many research laboratories, pipettors from a variety of different manufacturers are used at the same time, for example Gilson®, Biohit® and Eppendorf®. The universal pipette tip makes it possible to use the same pipette tip for all pipettors and thus simplifies storage, as well as sav...

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