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Aplanatic Reading Magnifiers

Edge-to-edge distortion-free image.Ideal for reading and looking at pictures for long periods of time.Comfortable to use due to the ergonomically shaped handle.Aplanatic reading magnifiers provide an edge-to-edge distortion-free image which makes them especially suitable for those suffering from a l...

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Metal folding magnifiers

Achromatic, aplanatic or biconvex lenses made of high quality silicate.Matt chromium-plated brass body with eyelet.Black painted metal lens frame.

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Linen testers

Precision linen tester.Biconvex lens made of high quality silicate.Developed to meet the requirements of technical applications.Brass frame, chrome-plated, silk matt finish.

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Illuminated pocket magnifiers mobilux LED

Suitable for reading small print, e.g. in a telephone directory or on price tags.Simple to use – large, easy to operate light switch and eyelet for lanyard.Choice of 3 different lights colours via filters.Particularly scratch-proof lens with high visual (and wearing) comfort.The batteries are ...

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