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Rotary Evaporators Hei-VAP Core – motor lift model

  • Equipped with proven smart details such as Easy-Clip, patented clamping sleeve, lift stop to limit immersion depth, universal 5-L-heating bath, various glass accessories etc.
  • Motor lift model with G3 vertical glassware
  • Clear digital display for monitoring the current values and separate button to display the set values
  • To protect the electronics, the operating panel is splash water protected in accordance with IP 42
  • Two separate operating knobs for adjusting the rotation speed and heating temperature with LED ring light system for activity indication
  • Activated lock feature prevents inadvertent adjustments
  • Residual heat indicator when >50 °C
  • Standby button stops all functions and lifts the evaporator flask out of the heating bath on motor lift models
  • Ergonomically optimized heating bath handles sit securely in your hand
  • Easily adjust immersion depth up to 155 mm and the tilt angle of the evaporating flask from 20° to 80°
  • Grease-free operation thanks to innovative sealing technology
  • Ventilation cap with PTFE inlet and free of ground joints. Optionally available with replenishment valve
  • Optional cable extension – The operating panel can be detached for use outside closed fume hoods
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Hei-VAP Core ML/G1B motor lift model with coated G1 diagonal glassware
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CHF 3'438.00

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Hei-VAP Core ML/G3B motor lift model with coated G3 vertical glassware
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CHF 3'656.00

CHF 4'875.00


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