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Powered air-purifying respirator X-plore 8000 Dräger

The powered air-purifying respirator (PAPR) X-plore 8000 offers a number of user-friendly standard and specialised carrying systems for standard and decontamination applications. Dräger has also developed a wide range of tight- and loose-fitting headgear such as half and full-face masks, short and long hoods and helmets with visor and protective visor. Standard and enhanced flexibility hoses are available and compatibility is ensured. Modular components: A wide range of components for every application.

  • Heavy-duty design with rubber protectors and high ingress protection (IP65) against dust and water jets from any direction
  • Protected air intake openings ensure that sparks or water coming from the front will not be sucked into the filter
  • Advanced carrying system ensures optimal distribution of the weight; tight and stable connection between the belt and the unit through a special adaptor plate
  • Headpieces are designed for optimal airflow and maximum comfort to avoid unpleasant eye irritation
  • Unit recognises connected headgear and automatically selects the correct minimum flow rate
  • An optical sensor prevents use without the filter and supports the right display of the saturation of the particle filter at any time; filter system features plug-and-go exchange
  • Hose connector features a 360° click adaptor
  • System features uniform colour codes on all exchangeable elements and an error-proof hose connector
  • Maintenance free and easy to clean
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item number description price
18.8512.40 Tragesysteme für X-plore 8000 from CHF 27.00
18.8506.42 Filters for X-plore 8000 from CHF 25.50
18.8512.25 Batteries for X-plore 8000 Dräger from CHF 172.00
18.8512.20 Basic unit X-plore® 8500 (IP) Dräger from CHF 0.00

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Anwendungsset Premium (IP) X-plore 8000 bestehend aus: X-plore® 8500 Grundgerät, Langzeitakku, Standardladegerät, Standardgürtel und Komfortpolster

CHF 1'120.00


Anwendungsset Basic X-plore 8000 bestehend aus: X-plore® 8500 Grundgerät, Standardakku, Standardladegerät und Standardgürtel

CHF 894.00


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