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Twin filter half mask X-plore® 3300 and X-plore® 3500 Dräger


The X-plore® 3300 and 3500 half masks are low maintenance and affordable. They are equipped with two lateral bayonet connections that enable a whole range of bayonet filters to be used.
  • Flexible nose section provides an extra tight seal and excellent fit even when wearing safety goggles
  • With its side filters and shallow design, provides an exceptional field of vision and fits perfectly under protective visors
  • The soft FlexiFit head cradle is a perfect fit for all head shapes — without trapping hair; it is also barely noticeable under helmets
  • Easily adjustable head strap

X-plore 3500 — special features:

  • The mask body is made from an innovative, new material: Very kind to the skin, soft and silicone-free - features that combine premium comfort with excellent durability
  • Drop-down strap option: By unclasping the neck strap, the mask can be removed from your face without taking off your head protection; the inner surface of the mask faces the body, protecting it from contamination

Weight: 95 g

EN 140
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item number type no. description size   price stock amount
X-plore 3300 - M

CHF 20.60


X-plore 3300 - S

CHF 20.00


X-plore 3300 - L

CHF 20.00


X-plore 3500 M

CHF 36.25


X-plore 3500 - S

CHF 37.00


X-plore 3500 - L

CHF 36.00


Construction set X-plore 3500 mask including 2 filters Pure P3 R M

CHF 50.00


Set for painter X-plore 3300 mask including 2 filters A2 P3 R D M

CHF 45.00


Set for chemical works X-plore 3300 mask including 2 filters A1B1E1K1 Hg P3 R D M

CHF 39.00


Carrying box WIKRU - -

CHF 43.00


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