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Sterillium hand disinfection

For hygienic and surgical rub-in hand disinfection - independent of washbasin and water. For all areas that are relevant to hygiene, e.g. in health care and industry, in home-care of patients, elderly and babies, for home dialysis. Protects against infections in public facilities and when traveling....

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Disinfection Bacillol AF

Alcohol-based rapid disinfectant with extensive spectrum of activity. Dries without leaving residues, ready-to-use solution, rapid and comprehensive action, broad material compatibility with alcohol-resistant surfaces, good wetting, aldehyde-, colourant- and fragrance-free, for areas that requi...

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Bacillol 30 Tissues

Material-friendly rapid disinfection wipes for sensitive surfaces in a convenient flowpack Bacillol® TissuesReady-to-use disinfection wipes presoaked with Bacillol® 30 FoamHigh-quality tear-proof and absorbent PET fleeceEspecially material-friendly; also suitable for sensitive materials such...

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Sterillium Virugard

Highly effective virucidal hand disinfectant. Listed by the RKI. For epidemic outbreaksParticularly active against enveloped and nonenveloped virusesRecommended by the RKI for epidemic outbreaks incl. norovirusesColourant- and fragrance-freeAreas of applicationFor hygienic and surgical rub-in hand d...

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