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Ultra Low Retention Filter tips Brand

Non-self-sealing filter tips from BRAND have a PE filter that is free from chemical additives. Permeability is controlled by the combination of pore size and filter length, so that no aerosols can reach the pipette shaft. These filters function with consistent reliability. The nano-ca...

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Mixing cylinders SILBERBRAND ETERNA, class B

Boro 3.3. DIN EN ISO 4788. Calibrated to contain (TC, In). With PP stopper and hexagonal base. Height without stopper. Brown graduation (except for 500 ml and 1000 ml octagonal PE stopper)

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Bulb pipettes with 1 mark USP
BLAUBRAND®, cl. AS, DE-M marking

AR-GLAS®, DIN EN ISO 648, calibrated to deliver (TD, Ex), incl. one USP batch certificate    * Error limit USP ± 0.006 ml

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Burettes, straight stopcock, SILBERBRAND, classe B Brand

Boro 3.3. Error limits according to Class B, DIN EN ISO 385. Calibrated to deliver (TD, Ex). Schellbach stripe.     * reduced distance between subdivision marks

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Beaker, low form, PP, embossed scale Brand

PP, high clarity.ISO 7056With graduation, beaded rim and spoutAutoclavable (121 °C)

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