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Pursept A & AF


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Pursept® AF Surface Disinfecting Detergents

Cleaning and disinfection of floors, walls and fittings in one operation. Appropriate for use in the foods sector. Pleasant, fresh fragrance. DGHM/VAH-tested. RKI-compliant! Aerosol-free disinfectant wipes!Ingredients:100 g Pursept® AF contain: 12.5 g didecyl-dimethyl-ammoniumchloride, 10.4 g al...

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Pursept® A Xpress Surface Disinfecting Detergents

Refillable pump-atomizer without gas. Pleasant, fresh fragrance. Effective in only 15 seconds! DGHM/VAH tested and RKIcompliant, with aerosol-free application (disinfectant wipes).Ingredients:100 g Pursept® A Xpress contain: 55 g ethanol, 0.03 g n-alkyl-aminopropyl-glycine, auxiliary agentsChemi...

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Pursept® Wipes XL Fleece wipes

Fleece wipes for impregnation with universal or disinfecting detergents. The lint-free and tear-proof wipes are designed for both optimal disinfectant delivery and excellent contaminant uptake. Due to their size they are particularly suitable to disinfect your workplace, lab table or clean bench qui...

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