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Biopsy embedding cassettes, Swingsette®

Made of acetal polymer, most convenient for cassette labelling instruments since the covers are packaged separately in the case. These biopsy cassettes are similar to the M517 series but are especially designed to hold biopsy specimens during the processing/embedding process as well as in storage ca...

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Biopsy foam pads

Made of polyester urethane foam. Biopsy foam pads are used to hold biopsies in place and prevent them from being lost during processing. They are made of a specially formulated foam which is always verified for consistency throughout in order to achieve optimum solvent flow. Biopsy samples are sandw...

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Biopsy processing/embedding cassettes, Micromesh®

Made of acetal polymerNo need for biopsy padsLarge square compartment, 27 mm², suitable for needle biopsies1676 square openings (0,38 mm²) allow improved fluid exchangeIntegral lidAnterior writing area 45° angle suitable for some labelling systems

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Biopsy cassettes in QuickLoad™ taped stacks, Unisette™

Made of acetal polymer, molded from a special high density polymer, these cassettes keep specimens safely submerged in liquid and are totally resistant to the chemical action of histological solvents. The efficient flow-through slots maximise fluid exchange and ensure proper drainage. The one piece ...

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Embedding cassettes Histosette® II

Made of acetal polymer with integral lidNo need for biopsy padsResistant to most commonly used histological solutionsAnterior writing area 45° angle suitable for some labelling systemsWith 1 mm square flow openings

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