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Technical support

Naturally, HUBERLAB. Support

Longevity through service

HUBERLAB. offers an extensive customer support package Longevity through service with the objective of increasing the reliability of your equipment in the long-term. We will provide instant support in the event of equipment failure. Maintenance contracts increase the service life of your equipment.

Installation & Commissioning on site

The HUBERLAB. Delivery Service will delivery your equipment to the venue of its use. Upon request, expert installation and commissioning will be conducted on site.

Qualifications and validations

Together with their partners, HUBERLAB. offers a comprehensive SCS-accredited service qualification (IQ, OQ, PQ) and validation programme on site.

Fast and cost-effective calibrations

Pipettes and all brands of laboratory equipment are calibrated and returned to you in fast and cost-effective manner.

User training

HUBERLAB. conducts training sessions upon request for equipment users within the scope of trial use before purchase or after commissioning of a laboratory device. Depending on the application’s complexity, training sessions are conducted in cooperation with the manufacturers.

Support during failures

In the event of failures, you will be provided with the greatest flexible support possible. You will be supported immediately or receive a return call as soon as possible. If your equipment should fail, you will be provided with a replacement device upon request for the repair period of your own device.

Repair service for laboratory equipment

HUBERLAB. quickly and cost-effectively repairs all brands of laboratory equipment with original spare parts. Warranty repairs are conducted by the manufacturer.
Let HUBERLAB. know if your equipment fails or if it needs a service.  Complete the clearance certificate. The Logistics Team will promptly collect the repairable equipment after receipt of the clearance certificate.  HUBERLAB. will create a well-founded cost estimate.

Glass repairs in safe hands

Send or hand over your glass repairs to our Logistics Team and you will be returned your laboratory glass ware in repaired condition.  Inform HUBERLAB. of your requirements or request a non-binding cost estimate from info@huberlab.ch.

Cost-effective cartridge regeneration

HUBERLAB. regenerates ion exchanger cartridges in-house and at low cost. Our own delivery service guarantees prompt collection and delivery of the cartridges.

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