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CO2 Brutschrank HERAEUS Typ BBD 6220

The Thermo Scientific CO2 incubator BBD 6220 provides the best contamination protection and optimum reproducibility of results in microbiological laboratories and for in vitro fertilization, as well as in cancer research or tissue engineering.
  • Active humidification system provides permanent sterilization of the complete vapor generation systems
  • External water reservoir allows continuous thermal decontamination by cyclically heating it to 80°C
  • Fully automated interior disinfection with 180°C hot air
  • Precise CO2 regulation (0 to 20%) via TC sensor with periodic auto-zero calibration
  • Temperature range: Ambient 5°C to 50°C
  • Auto-start function adjusts internal space to preset incubation conditions
  • Microprocessor and a platinum resistance element sensor temperature for consistency
  • Capacitive probe regulates humidity between 60 and 95% rH
  • Second completely independent controller with its own temperature sensor takes over functions in the event of a fault
  • Audio/visual alarm and diagnostics warn of any deviation from set parameters
  • Monitor and document temperatures, CO2, O2, RH via serial RS-232 interface and Kelvilog* software (included)
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Einzelkammer, Innenbehälter, Regalsystem und 3 durchgehende Einlagen aus Edelstahl 607 x 669 x 585 mm

CHF 23'812.50


Einzelkammer, Innenbehälter, Regalsystem und 6 geteilte Einlagen aus Edelstahl, mit 6-türiger Gasblende 607 x 669 x 585 mm

CHF 23'812.50


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