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Life Science
Life Science

Extensive product and brand selection - cell culture, imaging, HTS, ELISA, PCR, sequencing, electrophoreses, biobanking


CO2 Incubator BINDER serie CB

BINDER CO2 incubator CB 160, with gas-tight, divided inner glass door and devided shelfsCO2 incubator with sterilizable sensorThe new CB series offers optimal growth conditions for cell cultures. The ANTI.PLENUM concept, the 180 °C sterilization routine with the world's first sterilizable CO2 se...

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CO2 Brutschrank HERAEUS Typ BBD 6220

The Thermo Scientific CO2 incubator BBD 6220 provides the best contamination protection and optimum reproducibility of results in microbiological laboratories and for in vitro fertilization, as well as in cancer research or tissue engineering.Active humidification system provides perm...

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151 und 238 Liter NutzraumvolumenWLD CO2-SensorLuftmanteltemperierungContraCon Desinfektionsroutineauto-start InbetriebnahmeautomatikRS 232 SchnittstelleGrundversion rechts angeschlagene Tür3 EinlagenKurzbetriebsanleitungelektrische Absaugpumpe zum Entleeren des WasserreservoirsTemperaturbereic...

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