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Portable Multi-parameter Instruments pH/Cond 3320 WTW

The pH/Cond 3320 with two inputs for pH, ORP, ISE and conductivity measurement is an all-rounder for almost every application in process chemistry, life science, food and beverages as well as pharmaceutical industry (measurement of pH and conductivity according to pharmacopeia standards)

  • Two inputs for simultaneous measurement of pH or ISE or ORP and conductivity
  • Backlit LCD for displaying two measurements at the same time
  • For all conventional WTW pH, combined ISE, conductivity cells

The pH/Cond 3320 have a robust and water proof housing (IP 67) and have also a memory with a data logging functionality between 1 s and 60 minutes. All entries are GLP compliant with time, date and selectable ID number. The modern waterproof USB interface supports fast and easy data transfer.

pH: -2.000 ... +19,999 pH
mV: -2500 ... +2500
ISE (mg/l, µmol/l, mg/kg, ppm, %): 0.000 … 999999
Conductivity: 0.000 µS/cm ... 1000 mS/cm
Salinity: 0.0 ... 70.0
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item number description price
16.0004.20 Electrodes SenTix with gel electrolyt WTW from CHF 134.40
16.0004.60 Electrodes SenTix with liquid electrolyte WTW from CHF 173.00
16.3045.74 Technical pH Buffers Mettler Toledo from CHF 23.20

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pH/Cond 3320 Set with electrode SenTix 41 + TetraCon 325 -2,000 ... +19,999

CHF 2'184.00


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