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Ultra Low Temperature -86ºC Upright Freezers with water-cooled compressor TELSTAR

In our -86ºC upright freezer range the internal volumes vary from 445 to 830 liter of safe and reliable storage capacity in a compact and user friendly design. Standard our freezers are equipped with stainless steel interior, inner doors and shelves. The combination of low power consumption, lowest noise level and the standard use of ecological, green refrigerants makes it the most environmental friendly ULT freezer available in the market.

  • Ultra Low Temperature -86ºC Upright Freezers
  • Internal volumes vary from 445 to 830 liter
  • Standard Vacuum Insulation Panels (VIP) creating most vials per m²
  • Large capacity per footprint
  • Standard use of ecological, green refrigerants
  • Both high performance- and energy saving operating mode
  • Flexible sample storage offering 5 inner doors
  • Standard stainless steel chamber, inner doors and shelves
  • Lowest power consumption
  • Lowest noise level
  • Digital LED display on eye level with graph readout and datalogging
  • Display on eye level control for easy use
  • Self diagnostic control system
  • Password protected menu's on different levels of authorization
  • Power outage alarm with battery backup, ambient temperature alarm, clean filter alarm, door alarm (also for CO2 or LN2 backup system), remote alarm (NO/NC/COM), high/low temperature alarm
  • Voltage indication and stabilization
  • RS485 port for optional data transfer to computer
  • USB port for data collection optional available
  • Standard 2 sample throughputs, 2 extra ports optional available
  • Fast door opening due to standard pressure equalisation port
  • Perfect Fit door sealing system with heated seal to reduce ice forming
  • Slim and compact design fits through a standard lab door
  • Large and easy grip, single hand opening door handle with lock
  • Easy filter cleaning
  • 220-240V, 50 Hz
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17.5107.20 Accessories for Boreas Ultra Low Temperature Upright Freezers from CHF 800.00
item number type no. capacity ext. Dimensions temperature range   price stock amount
Boreas U570 WC 570 l 790x821x2012 mm -55 .. -86°C

CHF 16'307.00


Boreas U830 WC 830 l 1080x821x2012 mm -55° .. -86°C

CHF 18'970.00


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