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Cell culture, screening, molecular biology, biobanking


1536 Well Cycloolefin Microplate

Solid bottom microplate manufactured out of DMSO-resistant cycloolefin for preparation of assay ready plates in acoustic liquid handingSuperior optical quality with low-autofluorescence background for sensitive optical measurementsSmooth microplate top absent of alphanumeric coding facilitates flush...

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CELLevator™ Stacking Device for CELLdisc™ Greiner Bio-One

CELLevator™ is a new CELLdisc™ accessory facilitating easy and secured stacking of two CELLdisc™ devices to enable best possible utilization of a given space (e.g. in an incubator). The CELLevator™ consists of three identical blue polypropylene segments which assembled form a...

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CELLhandle™ Gripper for secure and easy transportation of CELLdisc™ Greiner Bio-One

CELLhandle™ facilitates secure and easy transportation of particularly large-sized CELLdisc™ formats as well as convenient emptying of these.

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CELLring™ - Levelling ring compensating surface irregularities Greiner Bio-One

CELLring™ assures an exact horizontal position of CELLdisc™ compensating surface irregularities, e.g. of a working bench or an incubator. non sterile

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