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Logistics & Stock

Naturally, HUBERLAB. Logistics

Whether express, instant delivery, 24-hour service, scheduled deliveries, just-in-time or on call - HUBERLAB. Logistics is aligned to individual customer requirements. Select the perfect logistics service tailored to your requirements.

Naturally, HUBERLAB. Delivery Service

Straight to your laboratory

HUBERLAB. deliveries arrive at their intended venue on the agreed date and on time. Upon request, HUBERLAB. will transport the goods directly to your laboratory or, in the event of laboratory facility set-up, take devices and materials directly to their point of use.
Via weekly trips or express delivery - the options of the HUBERLAB. Delivery Service are versatile. Talk to the HUBERLAB. Team about your requirements.

Within 24 hours

Regular deliveries cover the basic requirement. Ex-stock deliveries follow at the agreed delivery time or immediately within 24 hours or just-in-time.
As soon as you have communicated your individual logistics requirements to HUBERLAB., your delivery dates per article are placed online.

HUBERLAB. disposal

Sustainable recycling

Bulky packaging material? Empty, uncontaminated containers? „Lived sustainability“ is practised in all departments at HUBERLAB.  HUBERLAB. takes back your packaging material and empty, uncontaminated containers, recycles them or ensures their environmentally compatible disposal or recycling.

Laboratory device disposal

HUBERLAB. cost-effectively disposes of old laboratory equipment after receipt of the clearance certificate.  Ask for a non-binding offer from info@huberlab.ch. Disposable goods are taken back by the HUBERLAB. Delivery Service after deliveries and depending on agreement or utilisation.

Chemicals Return System

What to do with residual chemicals and empty containers? HUBERLAB. offers an extensive return system for your hazardous wastes.

Your advantages:

  • Returns of all chemicals purchased from HUBERLAB.
  • Simplified disposal of chemicals including collection
  • Expert and competent disposal
  • In coordination with you, HUBERLAB. will generate a collection order
  • Guaranteed sustainability
  • One Stop. One Shop. Everything from a single source 

Ask for a non-binding offer from using the HUBERLAB. form to return your hazardous wastes.

Naturally, the HUBERLAB. Collection & Delivery Service

Fast service

Does your laboratory equipment need a service or even repair? Has your ion exchanger cartridge reached the end of its capacity? No problem! Notify HUBERLAB. and your goods will be collected and returned immediately after repair or regeneration.

Contact the HUBERLAB. service staff under: service@huberlab.ch.

Naturally, HUBERLAB. Goods Return

Simple returns

Should a product not meet your expectations or if you have placed an incorrect order, the HUBERLAB. Customer Service will help you. Before a return, please contact the HUBERLAB. staff: info@huberlab.ch.

Individual stock

Largest warehouse in Switzerland

Consumables, chemicals and popular laboratory equipment are immediately available from the Swiss HUBERLAB. warehouse in Aesch Baselland. You can check online to see which of and whether we stock the required volumes.
If something is not immediately available, we will organise the fastest possible delivery for you.

Your stock on our premises

Upon request, HUBERLAB. can take over your storage and stock management. As a contract partner, you will profit from numerous advantages.

Consignment goods on your premises

Decades of experience with successfully managed consignment warehouses at the customer on site eliminate all delivery periods for fast movers. Our goods are managed on your premises with the use of stock management software. You take what you need, send us a weekly consumption report, we replenish the stock and invoice the consumed material. Our team will conduct an annual inventory and discuss any new conditions.

Contracts on call

Every HUBERLAB. offer holds an advantage. Contracts on call enable very favourable prices, immediate availability ex stock and delivery at any time, even for individual products.
You can achieve the best prices with annual or multiannual volumes. Storage and partial deliveries are already included in the proposed contract price. You call up the required partial deliveries or agree on an individual delivery interval or fixed dates. Your customized solution is established.

Lot-specific product storage

Wherever uniform conditions are imperative, HUBERLAB. customers rely on the lot- or batch-specific storage of previously tested products.
The objective is constant quality for trials, from the first test to trial completion.
This is tested after the analysis of one lot. If this is followed by release and the order for the total requirement, the material from one lot is available on call for the entire test series.

Offline become online

Check the HUBERLAB. eShop to see which products are available ex stock at which volumes and when the next delivery would take place in accordance with our mutual, individually concluded agreements. All of the products delivered by HUBERLAB. are equipped with datamatrix codes. These datamatrix codes can be scanned with any mobile telephone. This allows you to replenish your HUBERLAB. items directly in the Online Shop without additional searching.