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HUBERLAB. has already been working with the eCommerce platform Hybris from SAP for years. Hybris is the market leader and offers almost unlimited options of designing the interaction between customers and HUBERLAB. as efficiently as possible.

HUBERLAB. continuously works on improving their website, eProcurement and other electronic solutions. Expertise from all areas of eCommerce, paired with the laboratory world’s know-how, accelerate the success of HUBERLAB. eCommerce Services. Technological innovations and customized solutions for customers increase efficiency and reduce costs in the procurement of materials and information.
eCommerce solutions by HUBERLAB. are efficient, informative, user-friendly, clear and economical.

Are you interested in an individual solution? Please contact us under service@huberlab.ch.


HUBERLAB.CH/COM is the mainstay of our eCommerce solutions. You can process all purchases via HUBERLAB.CH/COM. Use HUBERLAB.CH/COM as an eProcurement solution. As an admin user you can control all processes efficiently at a glance.

The HUBERLAB. eCommerce platform offers options for all of your requirements.

  • Intelligent search - to search is to find (free text, article number, manufacturer number, CAS number, total formula, etc.)
  • Customer-specific delivery date display
  • Purchasing and favourites lists
  • Budget control & history
  • Administration & User administration
  • B2B integration
  • Deals, News & Sales
  • Categorised product segments and innovation news
  • Individual solutions

Customer-specific catalogues

Individually compiled assortments? A selection of products for a certain group of people, laboratory or project? With the HUBERLAB. eCommerce platform you can have your individual catalogues included, limited or create your favourite assortments.

B2B integration

The winning team. Specialised knowledge also forms the basis when it comes to the integration of Business-to-Business (B2B) solutions for your eProcurement to optimise your procurement activities.

The HUBERLAB. eCommerce Team has already been realising B2B integrations in accordance with technological state-of-the-art since 2003 and is specialised in the implementation of individual integration specifications. Your requirements, schedules and wishes form the guidelines of projects, with our experts actively integrating the latest approaches and developments.

Connection to the HUBERLAB. eCommerce portal enables you to combine all procurement activities, transparency and cost savings. Fast access to information, products, services and numerical data increases productiveness in all areas.

Interested? service@huberlab.ch or T +41 61 717 99 77

Among other things, HUBERLAB. manages interfaces to the following significant eProcurement providers:

Communication between systems - supported protocols

As standard, HUBERLAB. supports the following protocols in the communication with customer systems. If your required protocol is not listed, we will check our customized solutions for options. Please contact our eCommerce Team under service@huberlab.ch.

Dynamic B2B connection

  • CXML („PunchOut“)
  • Open Catalogue Interface  (OCI 4.0) – (SAP-Standard)

Static catalogues

  • BMECAT 1.2
  • Excel/Access
  • .TXT
  • .CIF 

Electronic integration

Electronic integration denotes the transfer from computer to computer between two partners. HUBERLAB. has long-term experience in this area and will gladly support you in the optimisation of your processes and the acceleration of your transactions. The following processes and protocols are currently available.

  • Purchase order
  • Purchase order confirmation
  • Job confirmation
  • Dispatch notification
  • eInvoice

  • cXML
  • xCEL
  • EDI (Electronic Data Interface)
  • FTP
  • TXT
  • E-Mail


HUBERLAB. offers individualised services upon customer request, also with regard to invoicing. Apart from invoices in paper form, you can also receive invoices electronically, either as pdf or via Paynet Upload.

Who can receive Paynet Upload eInvoices?

  • Private persons with eBanking at a Swiss bank or PostFinance
  • Corporate customers with eBanking at a Swiss bank
  • Companies with a work-flow solution, which are connected to the Paynet system directly or via another provider (Interconnect Partner)

How are invoices received?

Via eBanking

You will receive eInvoices on the eBanking system of your financial institute, The invoices appear in the invoice overview and can be displayed online. Payment follows with just a few clicks of the mouse directly on the eBanking interface.

With work-flow solution

Companies receiving and processing their invoices using a work-flow solution will receive their eInvoice as a PDF document and additional data in the required data format (EDI file). Additional data encompass the header and payment data of your invoice.