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Living sustainability

Sustainability as a central motto

Reduce today, respect the future!

Our current rate of resource consumption will characterize the world of tomorrow. In view of this fact, we are attempting to reduce our consumption in all processes – from selection, through procurement and supply, to the acceptance of returned items and their appropriate disposal.


Many of our products already contains large proportions of recycling fibers or are manufactured from recycled materials. These products therefore comply with strict environmental requirements.

HUBERLAB. take-back systems

Packaging materials are taken back by our own delivery service. This is just one of the services included in the HUEBERLAB. sustainability programme.

> Return of chemicals

> Laboratory equipment & environmentally compatible disposal

Employees as the most valuable asset

HUBERLAB. lives the concept of promoting competence and independence through continuous education and training sessions. HUBERLAB. maintains a pleasant working environment and a modern infrastructure. Always lending a sympathetic ear to the concerns of colleagues and partaking in joint activities promote team spirit and cooperation.

Deliberate planning

In all areas HUBERLAB. pursues a policy of environmentally-friendly resource planning.
Procedures are organized to ensure the optimum bundling of all deliveries along the routes. The objective is the shortest possible routes. We therefore follow a strategy to reduce our CO2 emission. This also prevents journeys which are superfluous.

Sensible packaging
The packaging materials used by HUBERLAB. are selected from the perspective of their impact on the environment.

Reduction of paper consumption
Wherever possible, data are processed, offered and archived electronically. HUBERLAB. offers individual customer receipt services. Invoices can be submitted in paper form, as a PDF or e-invoice.

Company building constructed as Minergie Standard

Minimizes resource consumption, creates a pleasant atmosphere without air-conditioning and saves costs.

Application of environmentally compatible technologies and materials

Within the scope of our sustainability strategy, our state-of-the-art facility design allows us to support the design of healthier, safer and more productive workstations.

Social Commitment

HUBERLAB. supports various social institutions such as the “Partnerkreis soziales Engagement” [Partners for Social Commitment].

> PARTNERKREIS Certificate