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Customized Solutions

Individuality in departments

Customized services, also for individual solutions, because we know what is important.

Individual services

The HUBERLAB. Team’s daily work is driven by customer-specific storage, delivery agreements, catalogues, documentation, eShops, projections, laboratory equipment, custom-made products, business models, settlement, or fulfilling all of your individual requirements.

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Custom-made products

Your requirements are implemented from any materials such as glass or metal and in accordance with your drawings. Laboratory devices are coordinated to your applications and requirements in close cooperation between manufacturers and our own workshop in order to comply with these highest requirements and certifications.
HUBERLAB. can also take over the production management for individualised products equipped with, for example, your name, logo or your address.

Interested? Contact us at service@huberlab.ch.

Customer-specific chemicals

Apart from an extensive standard range of laboratory chemicals, biochemicals and cleaning chemicals, HUBERLAB. also offers customer-specific chemicals. Process optimisation through the adaptation of work processes, applied products and customized high-quality chemicals and auxiliary material.

Kitting service

HUBERLAB. fügt gewünschte Produkte zusammen, schlägt Produkte nach Ihren Spezifikationen vor und liefert höchsten Qualitätsansprüchen gerecht werdende fertig konfektionierte und optimal verpackte Kits. Fragen Sie uns an service@huberlab.ch.

Labellin service

Do you still attach labels yourself? HUBERLAB. can deliver laboratory products labeled to your specifications with consideration to specific requirements in your laboratory.

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Individual packaging

HUBERLAB. realises cost-effective, individualised packaging and packaging requests for all types of laboratory products. Ask us at service@huberlab.ch.

Your individual eShop

The HUBERLAB. eShop is completely adjustable to your requirements.

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