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Baktolan protect+ pure

Replenishing w/o/w emulsion for the protection against aqueous solutions and for dry, highly stressed skin

  • Innovative formula (W/O/W emulsion)
  • Protects against water-soluble substances
  • Promotes the skin's regeneration
  • Strengthens the skin barrier
  • Prevent skin irritations that might be caused by using gloves
  • Preservative-, fragrance-, silicone- and colourant-free

Baktolan® protect+ pure is used where highly stressed or even cracked skin needs to be regenerated and strengthened. At the same time, Baktolan® protect+ pure protects the skin when performing tasks with water-soluble substances. Additionally Baktolan® protect+ pure can fight skin irritations that might be caused by using gloves. Baktolan® protect+ pure is particularly suitable for daily application.

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