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Life Science
Life Science

Extensive product and brand selection - cell culture, imaging, HTS, ELISA, PCR, sequencing, electrophoreses, biobanking


Membranfilter FILTER-BIO MCE, mit und ohne Raster

- Mischung aus Nitrocellulose und Celluloseacetat- hydrophil- hohe Durchflussrate dank grossen Poren- geeignet für lateral flow assays und dot/slot blotting- mit oder ohne Raster

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Membranfilter FILTER-BIO PES

- von Natur aus hydrophil- tiefe Proteinbindung- gute chemische Kompatibilität- hohe Hitzebeständigkeit

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Membrane Filter Cellulose Nitrat 114 Sartorius

Single packed or dispenser-ready sterile membranes can be used for colony counting, particle testing, microscopy and sterility testing. The membrane filters are made of cellulose nitrate (cellulose mixed ester), cellulose acetate or regenerated cellulose. Choose between gridded or non-gridded single...

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