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Research & Development

Wide mouth bottles graduated

Made of LDPE, they are equipped with inner-cap for a better seal and with holes on the shoulder and on the cap to enable the use of security seals, the precise graduation allows the filling without the use of beakers or cylinders, the total emptying is ensured by the inclination of the shoulders of ...

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Polyethersulfone (PES) Membrane Filter type 154 Sartorius

The polyethersulfone membrane filters have excellent flowspeeds and, connected to it, a high filtrable volume. Biologic and pharmaceutic solutions can be filtered, in the wide pH-range 0f pH 2-12, because of their low protein adsorption. Furthermore, the membranes are very well suitable for samples ...

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STERIPLAN® Petri dishes, soda-lime glass Duran

Hydrolytic class III. Diameter quoted in the table is the external diameter of the lid. The height refers to the height of just the base.

  • Autoclavable
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Polytetrafluorethylene (PTFE) Membrane Filter type 118 Sartorius

The main application of this membrane filter types is the air/gas-filtration. They are made purely of PTFE and are therefor permanentely hydrophobic. Unlike other (hydrophilic) filter types, they are not wetted by air humidity. PTFE membrane filter have an excellent chemical compatibility, so that t...

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Regenerated Cellulose (RC) Membrane Filters Sartorius

The regenerated cellulose membrane filters are made of regenerated cellulose reinforced with a cellulose nonwoven.These solvent-resistant (pH 3-12), hydrophilic and low non-specific adsorptive membrane filters are excellently suited for the particle removal from solvents.They are mainly used for cla...

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