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neodisher™ Z

Acidic neutralizing and cleaning agent for machine processing of instruments and laboratory glassware

Neutralizing agent for the automated reprocessing of surgical instruments, anesthesia utensils, containers, surgical shoes and baby bottles as well as other medical devices

Neutralisation or acidic pre-cleaning for the mechanical cleaning of laboratory glassware in industrial, water and medical laboratories  

range of services
  • Neutralises alkaline residues from the main cleaning step in mechanical processing
  • Reliably removes acid-soluble residues during pre-cleaning
  • Particularly compatible with materials and therefore suitable for anaesthetic utensils, surgical instruments and other sensitive materials
  • Not suitable for the acidic pre-cleaning of objects and parts made of anodised aluminium as well as chrome and nickel-plated parts

Special features
  • based on organic acids
  • free of phosphates, phosphoric acid, nitrogenous compounds and surfactants, therefore no interfering influences on analytical methods of investigation
  • contains less than 10 ppm P2O5 in the concentrate

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