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BRAND. For Lab. For Life.

BRAND products have been tried and tested all over the world and have come to be widely trusted. The declared aim of BRAND is to offer first-class products: Liquid handling and life science products, volume measuring devices made of glass, and laboratory equipment made of plastic. In addition: guaranteed quality, the best service, and all this at a fair price.


Perfection down to the last detail

Liquid Handling

Dispensers, burettes, micropipettes, tips and more...


Life Science

PCR plates, reaction tubes, microplates and more...



Volumetric flasks, graduated and bulb pipettes, graduated cylinders and more...


Pipetting Robot - Automatic pipetting with the Liquid Handling Station

Pipetting robot

Liquid handling station, robot tips and more...


Pipetting robot

Liquid Handling Station

Test the Liquid Handling Station now for free

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BRAND liquid handling devices – defining accuracy, ergonomic design and reliability

Bottle-top dispensers

Dispensette® S

Dispensette® S Trace Analysis




Positive displacement pipette