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Specialist range of services

Today's production programme includes a wide range of high-precision instruments which are used for reliably measuring, dosing, transferring, dispensing and injecting fluids in many fields of application. Manual and electronic micropipettes, multichannel pipettes, repeater pipettes, dispensers, pipetting aids and self-filling syringes, together with the matching accessories, form the core of the programme. Each instrument is provided with a serial number and undergoes a strict performance assessment which is confirmed by an individual QC certificate.


Socorex & HUBERLAB. two Swiss companies

Socorex and HUBERLAB. are two typical Swiss family enterprises which have been working together successfully for decades and which maintain a relationship as partners.


Socorex & HUBERLAB. - zwei Schweizer Firmen

Socorex und HUBERLAB. sind zwei typische Schweizer Familien-Unternehmen, die seit Jahrzehnten erfolgreich zusammen arbeiten und eine partnerschaftliche Beziehung pflegen.


Starter Packs Trio Pack & TwiXS pack

A wide selection of volume combinations for all application requirements

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NEW CalibrexTM universal 520 bottle top dispensers

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