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In Switzerland, Greiner Bio-One Bioscience has been exclusively represented by HUBERLAB. for more than 35 years - a true partnership. Joint know-how and individual services ensure optimum customer benefit.

With its BioScience business unit, Greiner Bio-One is one of the leading suppliers of special products for the cultivation and analysis of cell and tissue cultures, as well as microplates for high-throughput screening, which enable industry and research to carry out the fastest and most efficient drug tests. We are a leading international technology partner for universities, research institutes, the pharmaceutical and diagnostic industries and biotechnology.

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NEW! EASYstrainer Small extends the successful product line

Welcome the EASYstrainer´s new family members
Greiner Bio-One, your trusted supplier of quality labware, provides a clever solution for laboratory requirements with the popular EASYstrainer cell strainers. Until now, EASYstrainer cell strainers for the filtration of cell suspensions and primary cell isolates have only been available for 50 ml tubes.

With EASYstrainer Small, we are extending our successful cell strainer portfolio with a new version for smaller tubes.
EASYstrainer is the preferred product for the fast and safe filtration of cell suspensions, e.g. for the preparation of a single cell suspension for flow cytometry.

EASYstrainer Small is available with mesh sizes of 20, 40, 70 and 100 µm. The cell strainer fits 15 ml tubes as well as smaller tubes and reaction vessels (e.g. 12x75 mm tubes for flow cytometry).

The innovative design enables safe aseptic handling of the filtered cell suspension. Stackability of the cell strainer allows for sequential filtration in one step and a venting gap ensures that air in the tube can escape quickly during filtration.

The sophisticated concept of EASYstrainer Small is completed by the possibility to recover retained cells.

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Small Products - Great Advantages


Different Mesh
Sizes For cells and tissues



Flexible fit
Suitable for tubes from 1.5 ml to 15 ml



Invertible Upper part
For recovery of retained cells



Ventilation Gap
Fast filtration, prevents the overflow of the cell strainer



Single Packaging
Facilitates aseptic working, reduces risk of contamination



Allows sequential filtration from large to small mesh size



Handle with surrounding rim
Facilitates aseptic working and reduces risk of contamination


Handling Clip EASYstrainer Small


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