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PanReac Applichem

75 years of laboratory reagents and chemicals

PanReac AppliChem produces high-quality laboratory reagents and chemicals for industrial use. Represented worldwide in more than 80 countries by a well-established network of dealers, the products are used in chemical, biological, pharmaceutical and medical applications, as well as production.


It is more than just chemistry.  It is an attitude. It is the quality of the processes.

PanReac AppliChem stands for a strong commitment to the health and safety of their customers and employees and for products which fulfil the highest ethical standards. Raw materials are used to manufacture products which are sustainably environmentally-friendly. The integrated management system in implemented in all activities and processes and ensures outstanding, consistent and certified quality.

Highly diversified product segments

DNA-Exitus PlusTM Technology

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UHPLC solvents for faster analyses – UHPLC Supergradient

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Determination of fat content in the milk industry

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PanReac AppliChem catalog

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Essentials chemistry

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AppliChem - DNA Exitus Plus

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