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Your and our number one when it comes to vacuums!

VACUUBRAND offers a comprehensive product range of vacuum technology for laboratory applications.Whether for filtration, rotary evaporators, vacuum distillation or drying ovens: VACUUBRAND always finds the ideal solution for the respective vacuum supply. The uncompromising durability of chemistry diaphragm pumps allows aggressive solvent vapors to be pumped off without damage and the emission condenser on the discharge side ensures high solvent recovery. VARIO technology allows processes to be carried out with pinpoint accuracy and in a resource-saving manner. For the suction and collection of supernatant liquids, for example in cell biology, BVC liquid suction systems meet the highest safety and ergonomic standards. VACUUBRAND also offers solutions for fine vacuum processes such as Schlenk technology, freeze-drying and residual drying, such as oil-sealed rotary vane pumps and chemical hybrid pumps.

The company is a leader in implementing decentralized vacuum networks. Several vacuum connections are thus supplied locally by one network pumping station. An extensive range of accessories, such as vacuum measurement and control devices, valves and small flange components, round off the product portfolio. VACUUBRAND is the leading supplier of laboratory-scale vacuum technology because the individual products are designed to meet the needs of users in the laboratory and are coordinated to form a complete modular vacuum system.


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VACUU·SELECT Complete controller benchtop device Vacuubrand

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VARIO® chemistry pumping unit PC 3001 VARIO select Vacuubrand

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