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Experience and precision in all fields

The specialist for blown and moulded products made of polyethylene and polypropylene develops plastic containers for all branches of industry.


Food industry – Laboratories – Chemicals – Pharmaceuticals – Cosmetics – Electronics – Mechanics – Agriculture


Our long-standing experience in the field of plastic containers and related materials forms the basis of our qualification as a reliable and meticulous company working in the field of blow-molded container products for liquids and solids such as bottles, barrels, tins, canisters, tanks, etc. with a capacity "from 10 ml to 20,000 litres and injection-moulded containers such as boxes, pallets, tubs, pallets, for SUW collection containers and other items for laboratories and industry.

The raw materials enable us to offer suitable products for use in the fields of "food", "pharmaceuticals" and others, ADR certificates for the carriage of dangerous goods.


HUBERLAB. exclusively offers Plast4Labs. Full satisfaction at the best prices.

The selection

Bestseller: rectangular wide mouth bottle

Suitable for the food industry

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