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Simulation chambers from leading specialists

As a family-run business, BINDER focuses fully on simulation chambers. The world's largest specialist in simulation chambers for scientific and industrial laboratories. Over 22,000 devices leave the factory in Tuttlingen every year.

Sophisticated top technologies, futuristic innovations and absolute precision are the hallmarks of the BINDER brand. The focus is on the perfect simulation of biological, chemical and physical environmental conditions for a variety of industries. The three red triangles stand for superior products, the best service package and professional advice.

Product portfolio and expertise – for all industries

Whether cell or tissue cultivation, long-term storage, product or material testing: almost all well-known companies and research institutes rely on BINDER simulation chambers with the characteristic red triangle. Because BINDER knows what is important for everyday laboratory routines and is continually working on satisfying customer wishes with excellent products and well-thought-out equipment details. The diverse equipment portfolio includes incubators, growth chambers, ultra-deep freezers, drying and heating chambers, as well as climatic exposure test cabinets, and therefore covers the diverse requirements of the various industries and markets.


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Growth chambers

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Ultra-deep freezers

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"Good Laboratory Practice" - What is behind it?

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Cell cultivation without contamination

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Binder video on CO2 incubators