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Quality gloves and high safety standards are guaranteed by the working, examination and protective gloves made by Sempermed. The core competencies lie in the hospital, dental and nursing care sector, as well as in the laboratory, occupational health and safety and hygiene sector.

HUBERLAB. is your point of contact in Switzerland for laboratory applications.


Sempermed is one of the world's leading manufacturers of medical and industrial gloves. In the Lower Austria town of Wimpassing, where the Sempermed Research Centre is located, new products are continuously being developed and tested in close cooperation with users and experts. The products are manufactured in Thailand and Malaysia.


Experience and Innovation

For more than 90 years, Sempermed has been producing top-quality gloves and setting the standards in terms of quality and innovation as a global technology leader. Sempermed guarantees optimum safety and reliability through state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies, the highest levels of production hygiene and strictest quality controls.


More than 42 million gloves are delivered every day all over the world – an impressive vote of confidence in the quality and satisfaction with the product properties of the gloves made by Sempermed.

The right solution for any field

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Nitrile gloves Semperguard® green

Not only green in colour, the new Semperguard® green has been developed with tangible sustainability goals in mind. And what’s more, the lack of any rubber accelerators means that it also offers you a skin-friendly hand protection.

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